By Garth Adams 10/Aug/2020

No Eating and Walking, No Screaming on Rollercoasters - The New Disneyland

Just 10 days after re-opening, Disneyworld in Florida has updated their rules for guests in the age of Covid-19.

Previously, guests could remove their mask to eat while moving around the park. However, Disneyworld has changed their mask policy after guests abused it and use it as a way to avoid wearing a mask at all.

If a guest would like to eat, they are no longer permitted to do so while walking around.  They must now find an area six feet from other guests before removing their masks to eat and drink.

Disney requires that all guests bring a mask and wear it at all times, except when eating or swimming. Disney also has strict rules as to what is allowed as a face mask, though it is probably one of the few places that has to explicitly state that costume masks are not acceptable..

Meanwhile, back in Japan

In a statement that could possibly become the rallying cry for 2020, top executives from a Tokyo amusement park have asked guests to "Please scream inside your heart," and not out loud.

Not content with winning the internet, they went on to release a Youtube video of how to solemnly enjoy a ride.

Tokyo Disneyland and other Japanese parks have also adopted this guideline. Could the same be in store for Australia?


Garth Adams
Garth Adams

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