By Garth Adams 20/Aug/2020

San Giovanni, village in Italy has 8,000 applications for free holidays

The small village of San Giovanni in Galdo, Italy has been overwhelmed by 8,000 applications from around the world for a free week long holiday in one of its traditional houses.

The village, population 550, announced it would offer up to 40 free holidays in one of its empty local homes (2-4 people, accommodation but no travel). The promotion was posted on June 12 and quickly went viral, receiving requests from around the world

Applicants were asked to list the reasons they wished to visit. Promoters said

"Particularly touching was the email arrived from a person who lost both parents due to Coronavirus and asked to be able to spend a few days of tranquility in San Giovanni in Galdo after the terrible months that have just passed."

The houses have been left empty as San Giovanni shrinks due to depopulation. Other Italian towns such as Sambuca, Cammarata and Mussomeli in Sicily have offered houses for sale for 1EUR in order to increase local population (but you must also renovate the house - still, not a bad deal).

The 40 spots have been filled, but the Amici del Morrutto association and the Municipality of San Giovanni hope to work with other nearby provinces so they can offer similar deals.

Use Google Street View to have an explore around


Garth Adams
Garth Adams

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