By Garth Adams 04/Sep/2020

Stunning video of drone flying through 500 year old Mont Saint-Michel castle

First up, let me apologise. This gopro drone footage of the French tidal island of Mont Saint-Michel is simply stunning, but it is going to make you want to travel so bad.

The creator, Benoit Finck, is one smooth drone pilot. I got some major Harry Potter vibes at the start and check out the Smiley at 1:22.

The Mont Saint-Michel Abbey at the top of the island was completed in 1523, though the site was occupied for centuries before that. The island is situated a few hundred metres from the mainland, and until 1879 it was only accessible by land at low tide.

Mont Saint-Michel has a permanent population of just 30, but is an extremely popular tourist destination and is visited by 3 million people a year. If you are wondering where all the people are in the drone video - Mont Saint-Michel is closed to visitors due to Covid-19.


Garth Adams
Garth Adams

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