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Countless Americans go on the hunt for cheap flights to Hawaii every month, every year. And why not? This is the fabled land of the great aloha, where Duke Kahanamoku rode the Pacific waves, and Waikiki Beach keeps rocking to the rhythms of Elvis as its turquoise swells roll in. Honolulu – the bumping and multicultural state capital – is the most likely arrival point. However, it's also possible to hitch rides into islands like Maui and Kauai. They are famed for their coconut-peppered sands, lagoons of perfect blue, sculpted longboard breaks, craggy volcanos, star-filled skies – it never ends!

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Glinting gold sands mingle with chic hotels in wonderful Waikiki, the place to be in Honolulu.

Haleakala National Park

Even the visitor's center at Haleakala National Park sits at 2,970 meters! Head in to see Hawaii's ochre-tinted volcanos and soaring observatories.

North Shore

Only the bravest surfers head out to the swells of the North Shore, but it's worth dropping by the Banzai Pipeline to watch them work their magic!

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